Our riding packages feature
homegrown & local produce.

Spring Spur Kitchen & Garden

Our passion for cooking and good food has been an integral part of our family life and business since it began in 1986, growing our own veggies to supply our dinner table. This has evolved over time from feeding our own family to welcoming our guests for meals at the Long Table, inviting them to share the fruits of our labours, inspiring friendly banter and shared stories. It is a place to be immersed in the natural beauty of our farm and to eat from our own soil. The ever changing menu showcases produce from the Spring Spur Veggie Garden, as well as the surrounding land and local, ethical, sustainable producers, culminating in Mediterranean-Australian cuisine designed to respect and pay tribute to the land on which we walk and the unique seasonality of the Alpine region, all while employing organic and regenerative farming principles at Spring Spur to produce seasonal veggies, olives and fruits from our orchard.


Kitchen & Riders Lounge

Spring Spur Kitchen features home grown and locally sourced produce with a menu that has an Italian, Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and Australian homestead influence – Freshly baked breads, pizza, pastas, risottos, spanish tapas, fresh salads, with homemade mustards, relishes, preserves, baked cakes and pastries, all prepared in the Spring Spur Kitchen. We are proud to offer a multiple-dish shared style menu Thursday to Saturday, that changes daily in accordance with product availability, to be shared with the family and other guests, evoking feelings of community and togetherness, all while absorbing the view from our unique Rider’s Lounge. The produce that we cannot provide from our own garden is sourced locally with sustainability at the forefront. We believe that the produce grown in the Alpine region is showcase worthy, and we use modern cooking techniques to elevate and highlight, without masking its natural beauty and flavour.

The Veggie Garden

The veggie garden has always been a way of life for the Baird family, originating from Kath, who was determined to feed her growing boys produce that was free from pesticides and hormones commonly used in farming practices today. It continues to be a source of sustenance for the ever-growing Baird family, and a feature of our cooking in the homestead meals we produce for our guests – from homegrown spuds carried into the bush by sturdy pack horse, freshly cut herb focaccia or raspberry jam toast with your morning coffee, to the simple delight of biting into a crispy apple straight from the tree. The garden is ever-changing with the seasons and evolves every year into something completely unique, you simply can’t beat homegrown for taste!
Although we are unable to grow all of the produce used in the kitchen, Spring Spur’s aim has been to grow as much as possible throughout the year, designing the menu around the seasons, with excess produce being harvested, fermented, and preserved to ensure availability in less fruitful seasons or through the depths of winter. The team at Spring Spur has been working hard to collect and plant heritage seeds, and we pride ourselves on serving unusual and unique varietals when in season.