The History of the High Plains: 5-day Tour

Bogong Horseback Adventures have been proudly guiding packhorse tours into the Victorian High Country for over thirty years. For thousands of years before us, the Aboriginal peoples of the surrounding country embarked on their annual migration to the High Plains and, until recently, the mountain cattlemen followed their time-honored ways of pushing cattle up to the ‘tops’. Along with gold seekers, bushrangers and early adventurers, they all helped to create a rich heritage that is forever woven into the rugged fabric of the High Country. 

Much of the High Country remains un-roaded today, and our packhorse tours offer a traditional and practical means of exploring these vast landscapes. Each day, our camp is packed up and loaded onto the packhorses so our journey may continue. On this tour, we select camps for their beautiful settings and the history they offer us. With swags rolled out, we prepare a delicious dinner to be enjoyed around the campfire with a cold beer or wine, and share stories of the rich and magnificent history of the ‘mountain dreaming place’.