A New Year on Mount Bogong: 8-day Tour

Bring in the New Year atop Mount Bogong – Victoria’s highest peak.

Starting in the rich and fertile valley of the Kiewa River, our track climbs gently through the ferny mountain forests to a pretty streamside camp. The next morning, with a wisp of campfire smoke curling through the morning mist, the horses are prepared for a day of climbing into the High Alps. As we leave behind the lush temperate rainforest, the mighty woolly-butts begin to tower over our little horse team. We climb on, passing through the snow gum woodlands before being greeted by a wash of colour and scent so magnificent that it can only be the open herb fields of the Victorian High Plains.

Blue ridges extend to the horizon in every direction, hazy with eucalyptus vapours and stretching out before you for hundreds of kilometers. Over the following days, our expedition continues to reveal new and different landscapes, as you travel the heritage tracks built on the hopes and dreams of gold miners and cattlemen alike. Enjoy breathtaking views and camp-cooked meals before climbing to the highest place in Australia you can take a horse. This is a truly remarkable way to bring in the New Year and it’s our pleasure to share it with you.