Wood Fired Oven Jan 2011

Home from the bush after 5 days of horses, adventure and campfire meals, our packhorse expedition guests now wind up the week with a wood oven pizza night at Spring Spur. After a welcome shower and re-emerging into the night in their “civies”, the riders spend a final evening together reliving the highlights of the ride and enjoying the pizza creations coming from the oven.
Lin and Clay have recently finished building the wood fired oven, a fine addition to the terrace attached to the homestead.

Lin’s pizza dough recipe (keep it simple).

strong plain flour
warm water
dry yeast
olive oil
pinch of salt
a few strands of horse hair

Make dough when you light the oven, kneed dough as little as possible then allow to rise and punch down a few times. Divide into small bun size balls and let rise a little before rolling out into pizza bases.
If you have made too much dough (as I often do) why not pick some fresh herbs from the garden and prepare a focaccia to bake after the pizzas.


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