Wild horses, Natural beauty and Natural Horsemanship Oct 2006

Bogong Horseback Adventures manage their working stock, train their home bred replacement horses as well as the guiding staff according to the principles of Natural Horsemanship, first introduced to Steve and Kath when they attended a “difficult horse” clinic about 15 years ago.
That clinic was conducted by Wayne Banney and proved to be a quantum leap in the understanding, training and working of horses at Bogong Horseback Adventures.
These days Wayne Banney joins the team at Bogong Horseback Adventures every summer for a program of clinics conducted out on the track, rather than in the yards. This program combines the renowned guiding skills of Bogong Horseback Adventures with Wayne’s unique insight into the horse world, in a working environment. The touring clinics offer plenty of opportunities for real world challenges for horse and rider, whatever your current skill level, with Wayne’s advice available all day as you ride through the spectacular landscape of the Bogongs and the best of the Victorian High Country. Riders can bring their own horse along, so both horse and rider can benefit from the program.
The regular sighting of brumbies offers further insights into the behaviour and instincts of the horse, be they wild or domesticated.
The balance of our summer program is conducted by our experienced and knowledgeable staff who continue the theme of Natural Horsemanship.
Check out the full program for this coming 2006-2007 summer/autumn program at our website.


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