The Younger Bairds July 2005

Both Lin and Clay, our two sons are spending the next 3 months “researching” at Rock Creek Pack Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in Eastern California. Although the country is different, the mules unlike our packhorses and the food not up to the high standards of the Baird outfit, we are sure they will learn lots, have a heap of fun and send us an email occasionally.
The boys have grown up living in a working family business, and after years at university and city life, they are keen to return to the wilder parts of the planet. For Clay it is a return to travels after only getting home from Europe four months ago, but for Lin it his first big adventure away from the adventure of home.
After California they are on the road to Mexico, Cuba and into South America for another 3 months. They will be returning to join the team here at Bogong Horseback Adventures in mid January 2006.


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