The young and happy crew for 2006-2007 Oct 2006

What a fantastic team of keen and skilled young workers we had last year. The younger Baird generation Lin and Clay, longtime family member Tom, longtime family friend Brodie, longtime sidekick Wayne and world travellers Emilie and Orianne (France), Shayna and Laura (England) Dianna pictured left (Germany) and Danielle (USA). This summer/autumn we are planning on the return of Clay, Tom and Brodie and no doubt some happy world travellers will fall our way.
Shayna, pictured below with Clay has extended her visa, and is working in Melbourne. Her friend Laura has returned to England. Meanwhile Clay has spent this year at film school in Melbourne.

Lin, Brodie and Tom spent 3 months honing their packing skills working with the horses and mules at Rock Creek Pack Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California. Lin, as an old hand at Rock Creek, tells tales of some spectacular country visited this year including the infamous Forester Pass. He must have been working pretty hard as he seems to have worn his pants out.

Brodie, pictured left during a clinic in the yards At Bogong Horseback Adventures, came to us last summer after running out of patience with life in Melbourne, and took to the hills with enthusiasm. Reports from California suggest that his enthusiasm has grown and we hope to see him in the saddle again here at Bogong Horseback Adventures for this summer. He and Lin are planning a trip to Europe on their way home from the Sierras.
Danielle, pictured below with Lin has returned to the USA, and is looking at further studies. We wish her well.

Tom has charmed his way into the home paddock at Rock Creek, working the boss’s horses and sweet-talking his niece. We just hope he doesn’t forget his Aussie home, because there are a heap of young horses needing a bit of his sweet talk back here at Bogong Horseback Adventures.

Emilie first arrived with her friend Orianne. Emilie has returned to France, and is currently looking at settling in London for a while, perhaps to complete a teaching degree. We will certainly miss her cakes and cooking this summer, not mention her happy smiling face and enthusiasm.

Wayne meanwhile has “gone to Queensland droving, and we don’t know where he are” well we do actually, he has taken up a position on a cattle station, and we wish him well on his new venture.

Meanwhile back in the Kitchen, Steve and Kath work at keeping the dream alive, feeding organising, training, the young crew and planning, provisioning and organising the tour program, plus all that goes with running a business and farm.
Still we are not complaining because we live in beautiful part of the world, meet some fantastic people, sit down to some memorable meals for 12 in the kitchen and still have time for a local wine and an escape to the studio to work on our latest art pieces.


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