The Late Great Adam Stewart Dec 2009

A tribute by Kath Baird
I first met Adam when he walked out to my place to ask if he could help with the horses. He was just a kid, around 14 years old. He knew everything about horses, of course! He was pretty wild, had a HOT seat and stirred up every horse he ever rode! Just the other week we were laughing about old times and I scorned him, as to just how many of my horses he and all the ‘saved teenagers’ at our place, had galloped into the ground. Some of my prized horses were never the same, those kids drove me CRAZY!
My mum Eleanor, was running a trail riding business on our family property in West Gippsland, Tonimbuk. She always need a hand after losing my dad, so I suggested Adam could work for her. It was the beginning of a long loyal friendship between them. They looked after one another for many years. I will always be grateful to Adam for his care of my beautiful Mum.
Adam went from jeans to jodhpurs, from riding horses like the wind, to educating them the discipline of dressage with his kind soft hands, and his HOT seat! Adam was fearless, a great story teller, funny, kind, complicated, loyal, and delightfully eccentric.
We will miss you Adam, when we ride the High Country with horse tail clouds above us, we know your riding with us.
We will remember you.


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