The Intrepid Cope’s Jun 2010

Some may remember Tim Cope, the Australian Adventurer who spent some time at Bogong before departing for Mongolia, to follow the trail of Genghis Khan. Tim overcame many challenges to complete his three year journey across Euro-Asia. Tim is home safe and sound with his new dog, Tigon. Tigon accompanied Tim some 10,000 km from Mongolia to Hungry. Tim’s documentary is about to air on ABC 2 at 8 p.m. on the 28th of July.
Meanwhile Tim’s Brother Cam Cope has been embarking on his own adventures, dividing his time between New Caledonia, Vanuatu and Australia. Cam has been developing his career as a photo journalist, sailing the Queensland coast, trekking the villages of New Caledonia and recently, riding the Bogongs with us.
Cam has delighted us with his ability to capture the essence of Bogong Horseback Adventures and portray’s the incredible landscape and our traditional packhorse adventures with a modern flair. Bogong Horseback is proud to support Cam and Tim in their future adventures, where ever they may lead. Check out the Bogong Horseback gallery on Cam’s website.


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