Staff news 2000



Our youngest son, Clay, and Nerida, who now runs the half-day rides, both went over to the USA this winter to work their summer packhorse season at Rock Creek pack station in California.
Clay has rung home with many stories of bears raiding his kitchen camps, and is giving whip-cracking lessons to the American clients he and Nes are entertaining. The Americans love having the Aussie contingent helping out at Rock Creek.
Mick Griffiths is joining Bogong Horseback this year. Mick is a builder, bull-rider, horseman extrordinaire and his handsome smiling face will be refreshing to see this summer so, girls! Beware!
Wayne is still the reliable jack-of-all-trades around Spring Spur stables and will be on the track this summer.
Lisa is staying on for another year to help Nerida and BHA. She has overcome her shyness and has found her calling. Her gentle manner is a quality the horses, clients and guests respond to. Lisa is hoping to go to America next winter, as is Mick, who needs some horse time instead of being in the building industry.
Clem has stuck with his job in Queensland, working with kids at risk on a station near his hometown of Beaudesert and, I think, has proven he isn’t at risk himself anymore. We miss his wild ways down here in Victoria’s High Country.


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