Springtime in the Mountains Oct 2005

Springtime is always a time of building and growth here at Bogong Horseback Adventures. We are planning to construct staff accommodation over the coming months as part of our plan to introduce a program in horsemanship especially designed for young travellers. What better Australian experience for backpackers than to live and work with Australians and horses while learning about natural horsemanship, packhorses and the skills of being a tour guide.
Former partner in the business Nerada Rink has returned to our mountain home over the past few weeks with her new family to join us in the starting of our yearlings and two year olds. We have enjoyed working young horses with Nereda again, and seem to have aquired some keen starters for next summer in Fern and Terese.
Matt Willey has returned from his time with the mules and horses at Rock Creek Pack Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains of California. You can catch up with Matt’s stories, of lost stock and thunderstorms at 10,000 feet, around the campfire this summer.
Meanwhile the younger Bairds, Lin and Clay, are currently on the horse drive at Rock Creek, loose herding over 100 animals from the high summer camp down to the winter pastures.


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