News from Spring Spur

Steve circa 1994
Together with a team of packhorses, Steve and crew supplied the building materials for the extension of Cleve Cole hut on Mount Bogong.
In one day they were able to carry 1.5ton of building sand, 1ton of cement (in 40kg bags, packed three to a horse), and enough 1.8m lining boards for the bunk room.

To accommodate the height of the lining boards pictured, the pack bags were lowered to stirrup level using extension chains and crossed over the horses back. A route free from overhanging branches was carefully thought out and all horses carried their loads safely and comfortably.

Cleve Cole hut remains a must-visit on a hike to Mount Bogong and offers comfortable lodgings for club members and emergency shelter for park users.
Next time you visit have a think about how it was built!

Bogong Horseback Adventures is still proudly using traditional packhorse travel to provide unique tours into the Alpine national park. Have a look at our website www.springspur.com.au for more information.