Season 2009-2010 July 2009

We have an exciting season coming up with a range of tours from 3 to 7 day rides available. Check out our 2009/10 dates here. After the disappointing cancellation of our 7 day pack tour last season due to the Black Saturday bush fires, we are pleased to announce we have scheduled another for February 2010! An amazing feast of landscape, both Mt Fainter and Mt Bogong are featured on this journey through Victoria’s spectacular high country.
We have two Natural Horsemanship Clinics scheduled with long time friend and master horseman Wayne Banney. Combined with our preeminent packhorse tours, these clinics offer opportunities to improve riding and horsemanship skills in a working bush environment. We have bred and trained a fantastic team of horses over the years and they are always keen to venture up onto the High Plains for another taste of the alpine grasses, clean air and drink from crystal mountain creeks. You may also choose to bring your own horse on the clinic rides, a perfect opportunity for both you and your horse to learn a few helpful hints or just spend some time with your faithful steed in the High Country. If you are thinking of bringing your own horse we have some helpful information here.
For those unfamiliar with our tours expect great food, wine and fantastic riding experiences – Visiting Jaithmathang country (one of the aboriginal tribes that belonged to this country) is a privilege. Ride along bush tracks cut into the mountains over 100 years ago by gold seekers and the early graziers in search of gold and good grazing country. Experiencing the High Country on the back of a sure footed horse just as our forefathers did, with packhorses faithfully trotting along, is just one of the highlights of your adventure. The bush huts and yards built by early graziers, are a welcome sight. Canter over the High Plains then sneak down through snow gums near Mt Jim for a glimpse of the brumbies. Camp amongst tall alpine ash forests or the silver snow gums for a night around the campfire with a ‘coldie’ or a ‘cuppa billy tea’ and watch one of our delicious meals, prepared by the camp chef, cooked on the open fire in the camp ovens. Vegetarians are looked after with sensational alternatives. Tempted? sounds good eh! Fill in an online booking form here.


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