Sand in the Yards Jan 2011

Yep, we have had big mobs of rain and at their peak the December storms dumped 170 mm in less than 24 hours. We came close to loosing the new dam as the flood was running about 300 mm over the wall. Creek beds that have been lying dry for a decade, choked with dry vegetation and fallen timber were once again free running streams, running bankers with flood waters spilling into surrounding river flats.
When the stream peaks receded the landscape was endowed with a network of clean, fast running streams, all opened up with sandy beds and long runs of gravel and cool clean water. Some places the washed sand had built up around bends and bridges forming large sand bars and flood outs. On a neighboring property the sand had to be cleared from the crossing and consequently we took delivery of many truckloads of new washed sand for our yards and stables. Sand that probably started up here in the first place!


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