Packing School & Bush Camping clinic 5 Day Ride

Tim Cope was awarded the Australian Geographic Society’s Adventurer of the Year award this week. When planning this latest adventure Tim spent time with Bogong Horseback Adventures learning to ride as well as the horse and packing skills needed to embark on his great adventure. Bogong Horseback Adventures is proud to be associated Tim, well done!
On 31 May 2004, Tim set out to travel 10,000 km on the trail of Genghis Khan from Mongolia to Hungary by horse. Within a week his horses were stolen. Undeterred, he’s now travelled around 7500 km and will arrive in Hungary for the 800th anniversary celebrations of Genghis Khan’s empire. Although he’s faced temperatures ranging from -52 to 54°C, Tim says adventure is not about conquering the elements but learning about the world by immersing himself in different cultures, landscapes and situations.
Tim is a previous recipient of the Australian Geographic Society’s Spirit of Adventure and Young Adventurer of the Year awards. US magazine Outside included Tim as one of the top young 25 explorers/adventurers in the world today. ! To read about Tim’s adventures go to his web site.
Perhaps your plans are little less grand than Tim’s, simply a few weekends away in the bush, camping with horses. Our packing School (scheduled for Sat 2nd Dec 2006 – Wed 6th Dec 2006) will equip with you with basic knowledge to safely and confidently head bush with your horses. The program includes preparation, shoeing, fitness, feed, equipment, planning, hobbles, portable fences, environmental management, equine first aid, carrying food safely etc For further details go to our tour program.


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