Our High Country Horses

We are always pleased to report on the health, happiness and social highlights of our hardworking and greatly respected horse team.
We have now experienced the best and most sustained autumn break we have had for some years, and the farm and the horses are rejoicing at the rains. Our paddocks are glowing a soft green colour, and the mountains are covered in early winter snowfalls.
New to the team this year are a couple of good sized mares, both in foal to a thoroughbred stallion. The larger mare is a beautiful Percheron named Bertha. She is “one big horse” and wears special hand made heavy shoes. She actually walked nearly to Dargo and back last summer and didn’t even wear out the toe clips. Her companion is a Clydesdale cross mare named Kaddie. She is a big bay horse that reminds us of Jimmy, only a little bigger. As you may have guessed we are keen to produce some bigger horses here, for our bigger riders.
New foals on the ground include a Palomino quarter horse filly out of Tess called Kelly, who is currently down in Gippsland at Tonimbuk Trails, and the last of Jacks offspring, a filly out of Trio called Shannonvale. Jack is enjoying his new life as a member of the working team, with plenty of opportunities to travel the mighty Bogongs. Last summer he only took a passing interest in the various brumbies we came across.


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