Open the Slip Rails to a Ten Year Park Licence Sep 2012

Way back in the early 1990’s, Steve attended a meeting with Andrew Dwyer, Graeme Stoney, and others, to establish a dialogue between Public Land managers and the emerging adventure tourism industry. It was early days and the ‘Parkies’ bristled at the suggestion that any business based activity might try and make a profit from trading on public land. Things moved slowly and eventually a Commercial Tour Operators licensing system was established. One key demand of the young industry players at those robust meetings was to secure a long enough tenure to be able to invest and grow their business with some security of tenure. The 12 month licenses were eventually extended to three years by the end of the nineties, but the ten year license was always a firm goal of industry.

We must be a stubborn lot because after twenty years and tireless efforts by Steve and Kath Baird, and many people, including some within Parks Victoria, the ten year license is a reality this year.

Bogong Horseback Adventures is proud to have been a voice in this long debate, proud to now hold a ten year license and as a condition, achieved Advanced Eco Accreditation.


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