New Blood Jul 2009

This past summer we were getting ready for a new arrival. A new electric fence was constructed, and within hours of completion there was a young colt investigating his new territory! Ashlar stud Simply Red is his registered name but in keeping with our tradition of naming our horses after places in the area, we decided to call him ‘Red Robin’ after the Red Robin gold mine on the West Kiewa. A studbook Australian Stock Horse with respectable pedigree – Red Oak, Destiny and Liberty lines. Soon Red Robin will woo a mare or two, but first he has some growing to do. His education however is well under way as Lin and Red have spent the past 2 weeks working with Barry Chambers, a talented horse trainer on his property near Corryong.
Feathertop and Mitta are in foal to Ashlar Stud’s Future Direction and Barwidgee and they are due to foal in the spring, so some new bloodlines are on the way!


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