Mount Fainter and Mount Bogong



This year we have designated Bogong and Fainter trips so you can choose which trip you prefer to do.
Both routes offer 5 days of spectacular and varied riding, with a selection of great campsites.
The ride over Mt Fainter travels through the catchment of the West Kiewa River system, which includes up close views of Mount Feathertop, viewed Mount Fainter, The Yitmathangs and the upper reaches of the Cobungra and Bundarra Rivers.
The Mt Fainter ride features some notable cultural heritage sites with visits to beautiful old huts and yards, and usually gold mining, brumby running and cattle duffing places.
The climb onto Mount Fainter climaxes with some of the best views in the Victorian High Country. From Bogong to Buller, from Buffalo to the Bluff.
The Bogong trip is further to the east, and travels through the catchment of the East Kiewa River and the Big River.
This ride includes the highest horseriding available in Australia with a traverse of Mount Bogong massif at Audax Point well over 1950 mts (6400ft). The Bogong ride also features some spectacular tracks, some of them cut 140 years ago for access to remote goldfields.
Many of our adventurers ride both mountains over a couple of year’s period.
However if you are keen to see the lot, then our feature ride this year will be visiting both peaks and some wonderful country in-between. These rides all travel in remote and mountainous country and occasionally itineraries may change on short notice, due to weather, fires, track closures and other unforeseen events. However we do guarantee a spectacular mountain riding experience.
We have lots of new ideas and recipes for the feasts around the campfire, with some wine to be provided with your meals. We are now taking ten riders only, so get in early and don’t miss out.
Shine up those riding boots, harden that rear end and join us for the trip of a lifetime!


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