Meet the New Farrier Jan 2011

Andy Warhol famously stated in 1975 that “In the future everybody will be famous for 15 minutes” In popular culture this has morphed into “15 minutes of fame”.
Some of the regular guests at BHA may remember meeting our hardworking farrier, Bob Brown, probably cheekier than any butcher, Bob always had a cheerful side for anyone walking past his anvil. The farrier’s task, fitting shoes to our horses, is a tough physical endeavor and Bob has decided to reduce his work load and slow down a bit, so we had to find a new farrier.
Kath and I first met our new farrier, Brendon Anton in 1992 at a Wayne Banney clinic in Albury. Since then Brendon has made his mark as a horseman and rodeo competitor, working as a farrier and starting young thoroughbreds for the racetrack with very successful natural horsemanship methods. Ask Brendon about his “15 minutes” and he will undoubtedly refer to the 8 seconds he rode “time” on the infamous bucking bull Chainsaw at the 1991 Cootamundra Rodeo, up to then, only the 5th rider to score on the bull.
Chainsaw was one of Australia’s most famous bucking bulls. Only nine contestants scored on him and he won the Australian national title of Bull of the Year a world record eight times during 1987 to 1994.
We welcome Brendon into the team and thank him for his quiet and professional approach to shoeing our hardworking horses.


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