Lin and Clay, Backup Plans etc. June 2008

We have enjoyed enormously the passing string of young travellers who have come to stay and work with us here at Bogong Horseback Adventures. People with a passion for travel, for horses and experiencing a part of Australia beyond the cities and the backpacker party trail.
Along the way our lives have been enriched by the passing parade of young people from all over the world. We have had some awesome “big” familiy meals with a united nations of food creations and faces.
Having spent much of the past few years travelling themselves, Lin and Clay Baird have decided to take on a more active role in the future of Bogong Horseback Adventures. Look out for new riding and learning experiences, new food experiences and some building projects over the next year or so.
Lin is currently in Belize, Central America, and after spending the next three months with the mule trains at Rock Creek Pack Station in the Californian Sierra Nevadas, he will be home in September. He will be rolling up his sleeves and getting new projects on the go.
Clay is home this winter, managing the shorter rides and winter tasks with horses and on the farm. Read all about his endeavours in the next story.


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