Land of Plenty Aug 2007

With a wet and mild May, we witnessed a rapid transformation of our local landscape. The dry, dusty paddocks turned green and put on a spurt of growth that you would normally only expect in spring. The past few months have witnessed a big snow dump on the tops and consequently the springs and creeks are slowly coming back to life.
We have a long way to go before we can declare the long, dry, hot period of the past 5 years over, but the signs are encouraging. Next on the wish list is a normal spring with a good harvest and a shed full of hay.
We are pleased with the way our horse stock has come through the drought years and all are looking good for this time of year. We will be rolling the last of our 2005 harvest out of the shed over the next few weeks, then spring is just around the corner.
We hope that those amoungst our readers who are on a farm, that you too have enjoyed something of a recovery and that any crops sown will be successful.
Thanks to John and Nadine at “Lilydale” via Howlong and Kath’s sister Jo for taking on a few of our horses over the big dry.
The High Country will benefit from this winter’s snow. Springs and bogs will be recharged, snow patch plant communities will recover with a return of long lasting snow drifts in those sheltered south facing gullies and our camps will be revitalized.


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