Jack’s Story

Those of you who have ridden with us before, would recall the intense interest a very handsome and hairy horse in the little paddock in front of the house has shown the horse team passing by on their way to the mountains for five days.
To quote the old Dusty Springfield song, Jack has spent his life “wishing and hoping and praying” that he could get into the big paddock with the mob and get things into order. His order.
Sure he has had the occasional romance with a variety of mares, perhaps that explains his interest in the comings and goings around the farm. Be he didn’t see what was coming the other day when the vet visited him.
Now he’s running with the mob, and although old habits die hard, his ambitions have softened a bit, and it doesn’t seem to matter so much who is running with who.
And finally this coming summer he will find out what really happens over those five days that the team are away. He will be joining them.


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