Horsemanship Skills July 2005

Kath’s grandfather said “the day you think you know everything about horses is the day you never put your foot in the stirrup again”. After a lifetime with horses we never cease to be amazed at the lessons you keep learning. A quantum leap in our understanding and working relationship with horses occurred 15 years ago when we attended a natural horsemanship clinic conducted by Wayne Banney, on dealing with problem horses. These days Wayne continues to offer his wisdom to riders, and will be conducting a program in association with Bogong Horseback Adventures this summer.
In early December 2005 we have the “Colt start”, a fascinating insight into the process of starting an uneducated horse, followed by a weekend “Basics and Beyond clinic” that offers an opportunity for horse people to advance their skills, whether you are just starting out or want to refine a particular aspect of your riding. This clinic leads into an opportunity to head off into the mountains for a 5 day “Brumbies and Natural Horsemanship” Packhorse Tour with Wayne coming along, so you can polish your skills in a working environment, while enjoying our renowned tour of the spectacular Bogongs
There will be a second 5 day “Brumbies and Natural Horsemanship” Packhorse Tour with Wayne in early January 2006. On these tours you are welcome to bring your own horse along, sure to be a learning experience for both of you! Details on the full BHA program for 2005-06 are available on our web site.


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