Happily Retired Jun 2011

Load your caravan with fishing rods, road maps, beer and BBQ steak – or in this case, a grassy vegetarian hay stack! Claude and Lawson, two of BHA’s over 25s have left Spring Spur for a well earned retirement at a dairy farming property on the fertile flood plains of the King River in Oxley, Victoria. Jackie who has taken the two old boys on, occasionally rides Lawson around the property with Claude following along behind, not letting his mate out of his sight.
The two loyal geldings have been a part of the BHA herd for close to 20 years and during their working life have taken many riders on memorable adventures across the High Plains, with reliable behavior, consistency and calmness that is not easily found in a horse, they both fit into the term coined by horse folk as “bomb proof”.
The BHA retirement plan fosters a relationship between our highly regarded horse team and customers or others with suitable properties. The senior horses are retired to willing homes to continue with light work and good care – Bertha entertains four sisters in the Hunter Valley. Jimmy and Shiner have retired to the coast in Apollo Bay with Kath’s best friend, Nereda.
The two clydie crosses have worked hard for BHA and the morning surf is tonic for their old bones. Shiner was packed for close to 20 years and probably covered 20,000 kilometers over mountains and down valleys, never once knocking or scraping the pack loads. Nereda and Mick ride them regularly and Mick’s knees are always safe from bumps, when he is astride old faithful Shiner. We miss them both, but know they are cared for brilliantly.
One of Lin’s favorites Basalt has already been offered a green paddock overlooking the Tambo river in Gippsland. He is still young and fit at 12 yo, so he has a few miles on the clock yet, but it is testament of how loved our horses are, when five years ago he was ridden by Peter Thomas on an extended pack horse expedition and Peter made us promise he could retire with them when the time was right!


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