Go West Young Women

Some of you who rode with us last summer may have had the pleasure of meeting Kelly Davis from California. Kelly helped us out for a month over the summer and added her own special qualities to those tours.
Back home in the USA Kelly spends her summer working with various “Pack Outfits” conducting horse tours into the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Kelly has invited Kath to join her for the northern summer at Rock Creek Pack Station, near Bishop in California. Those lucky riders will not only be taking in the splendors of Yosemite National Park, but also Kaths’ bush cooking. One of the feature rides on the Rock Creek program is a 7 day wilderness expedition called Women in the Wild! With Rachel, Nerada, Jed and Kath from the Bogong Stables, and a couple of our regular customers joining them, it’s sure to be just that.
Some readers may also recall Cathi “Longfella” who worked with us during season 1990. When we last saw Cathi she was heading to the States to ride rodeo. She kept in touch with us and sent us some pics over the years. She has settled down, and is now married with two kids. Her husband, Annin is Arapaho Native American, and Kath is really excited about visiting them at their Wild River Reservation home in Wyoming.


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