Dungey’s Track Jan 2011

Another casualty of the big rains is Dungey’s track. Following the route originally blazed by Sergeant Dungey in his regular travels through the High Country in the 1860’s in pursuit of horse thieves.
The modern “track” was built by bulldozer. After following Little Snowy creek upstream to it’s head at Simmon’s Gap the narrow track continued along a high side cut on the western side of the West Kiewa River for several kilometers until it descended to the first of the big river flats about 15 kms downstream of Blair’s Hut.
The recent big rains have caused a large section of the track to slip down into the river far below, leaving an impassable rock face. Until Parks Vic and DSE consider the options for a new alignment, the track remains closed.
Any tours we have scheduled for the West Kiewa have been re routed over Mount Fainter, via Bogong Jack’s Yards.


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