December 2006

Ride on, the Bogongs are open and unburnt.
Our area of the Alpine National Park has been re-opened for our summer tour program.
The bushfires are now described as contained and have not burnt any of the country featured in our Mount Bogong Tours. The Western (Mansfield) end of the Alpine National Park remains closed. I have just been advised (Friday 29th Dec) that the unburnt country north and east of Falls Creek, including the Nelse Range and Mount Bogong have been opened for our operations.
Those clients booked on the 6th January ride should plan on the ride going ahead. Please be assured that as this section of the Park is opened it will be safe to visit, and being unburnt, as beautiful as ever. We carry satellite phones as well as Web abled next G phones so we can be well informed of any future developments.

Looking from Mount Bogong, across the Staircase Spur at the Kiewa Valley far below.
Meanwhile our daily trail ride program is fully operational, and visitors are encouraged to return to our Valley to enjoy their summer holiday. The fire scars are barely visible and the smoke has cleared.
For those customers booked on one of our “cancelled” December rides, please contact us about alternative dates that may suit your travel plans.
If any one is considering booking one of our scheduled tours, you can assume that they will be going ahead. Some of the Mount Fainter program may move to Mount Bogong, but it’s all great country. If you have any specific queries please contact Steve or Kath. Contact details.


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