Colts, Fillies and Bays Sep 2012

Spring is here at Bogong Horseback Adventures and the orchard is showing the smallest hint of the new season’s buds. With spring, also comes, the waiting game of our four possible foals. Lin’s stallion Simply Red Robin has already had a hand in making some great young ones with the rising two year olds Stringer (out of Caddie) and Indigo (out of Feathertop) as well as beautiful Maude who has recently been weaned from her mother Harriet. This year Caddie, Feathertop, Lanky and the high country brumby Freda are all hopefully carrying an extra load! Its always a magical time of year when the newest members of our, ever growing, herd greet the world.

Love is also in the air with the inseparable odd couple Banjo the 13hh paint pony and the wonderful mule Mildred who stands approximately 17hh. The mismatched pair graze happily side by side, even though little Banjo doesn’t reach up as high as her knees. Any attempt to move Banjo leaves a whole lot of mule-flesh ‘braying’ and pining for her pint sized lover.

There has also been several new additions to the family recently with the expansion of the Spring Spur Stock Horse Stud. Ashlar Golden Treasure and Extreme Quarter Horses Chance of Mica are two new fillies who have joined the ranks. Treasure the leggy chestnut super model and Mica the chunky palomino are both being started to begin their illustrious careers under saddle this summer. Its amazing to see these young horses coming on, as the babies of today they are the ‘old faithfuls’ of the future and each of them has a wealth of personality, character and love to give Bogong Horseback Adventures.


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