Cathi “Longfella” Dec 2006

Way back in the late eighties we had the pleasure of taking on Cathi “Longfella” as a camp hand and horse tailer, and Cathi along with her boyfriend of the time Rob the buffalo catcher, proved to be most handy and appreciated around home and camp. Working in the Nortern Territory during the dry, and down south with us during the wet, long, tall, blonde Cathi became a good friend, and we have followed her adventures in life since she moved on from Bogong Horseback Adventures.
Now married into a Native American Family and living in Wyoming USA, Cathi Soldier Wolf has maintained a love for horses and wide open spaces.

We have fond memories of Cathi, and could not have imagined back then of the life journey she would take. Kath visited her in Wyoming in 1998 and was priveledged to join her Northern Arapaho community at a Pow Wow, an exciting and special weekend of festival, dance and spectacular horsemanship.


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