Cast to the Four Winds Aug 2007

Pleased to report that Clay, currently riding the Pacific Crest Trail in California is working on his film project, a documentary with a working title of “Socks, Jocks and Twenty Bucks” with a focus on horses, wild places, special events, community and volunteer work. Having gained some interest in the project from distributors and broadcasters, Clay is filming the first episode, to use as a pilot for further production. After completing his film school last year Clay has put an enormous amount of work into this project and with the recent purchase of a professional HDV camera there will be no stopping him now. Any readers who wish to contact Clay can do so at mule.media@gmail.com
Also in California with Clay are Bogong Horseback staffers Tom Hutton, Brodie Pownall and Jane Forke. Working the Mule teams with Rock Creek Pack Station in the Sierra Nevada Mountains is a great skill building experience and opportunity to travel the world.
Tom seems to be well accepted over there and his horse skills have seen him in demand for working with young and unstarted stock. We also heard a rumour of an upcoming story in Western Horseman magazine. www.rockcreekpackstation.com
Clay and Jane will both be back this summer to run the rides here at Bogong, with plenty of tales to tell no doubt.
Meanwhile older son Lin is living in London, absorbing life on the Continent, with some local European travel including Morocco, France, Rome and Germany. Clay and Brodie will be meeting him in London in October, and linking up with Emile and Clay’s good friend Shayna should make for a lively camp under the northern stars.


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