Brumbies Jun 2010

In Autumn this year there are some new faces about the traps at BHA. National Parks have started a management program to reduce the numbers of the iconic Bogong Brumbies. The herds that live near Mt Jim on Young’s Tops have been wandering in and out of a ‘Salting – trap yard’ all summer. With the winter fast approaching, the ‘passive’ trap was set.
Without knowing the quantity or quality of the horses to come, BHA agreed to partner National Parks and the Victorian Brumby Association by offering our well established horse facilities as a transfer point between National Parks and the Sanctuary. The first truck down the hill bought three stunning black Brumbies. Two mares in foal and one at foot. Three horses in perfect condition calm and curious.
Within the first day our friend ‘Fletch’ (John Fletcher, who came over for the season from Tasmania) had touched them all over with his ‘friendly stick’ (a long cane used as an extension of your arm) handled their feet and gained their confidence and respect for humans. Fletch had never handled wild horses before and clearly loved the experience. John is a fantastic horseman, his patience, commitment and horsemanship skills have produced fantastic results and our 4 brumbies have joined the team at B.H.A and settled in beautifully – Thanks Fletch!
As the winter sun continues to shine and the snow season approaches, the window of opportunity for catching more brumbies is decreasing, but so far National Parks have caught about 25 horses. The method of salt trapping the Brumbies is a very humane way of catching the wild horses, as opposed mustering them by helicopters or humans chasing them on horseback. This method goes hand in hand with the Natural Horsemanship techniques we use here at B.H.A.
Colleen O’Brien from the Victorian Brumby Association has impressed us with her ability to handle and float load wild horses with a minimum fuss using a ‘gentling of the Brumbies’ that has proven just how well this method of handling horses works!
B.H.A is pleased to assist the Brumby Association and Parks Victoria in this important management program to reduce the numbers of brumbies in the High Country, keeping the population of our much loved brumbies to a sustainable number.


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