BHA Wins Tourism Awards Again

Last April with only a week or two to spare Steve and I decided to enter the tourism awards again after all we had been successful in the past and the business has changed considerably since 1992-93.
After an epic stint at the computer then to Melbourne town to scan the images onto computer, the document was completed, and decided we would never put ourselves through such pressure again!
The awards night came around and it was decided it was too costly for the whole lot of us to go, so we made it a girl’s night out. Off we went dressed up to the nines with a bag full of akubras! After all we were there to get our pictures in the papers if nothing else! We won both the Ministers Award and merit for the best tour operator. We all ran onto the stage complete with the hats on, surprised the Minister and Max Walker with a big hug and generally took over the show for our few minutes of fame! The whole night until then had been fairly boring and even Max Walker was having trouble keeping it interesting. Liven it up we did and partied till the early hours, even winning some money at the casino to top the night off!


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