Barefoot Winter Jan 2011

Talking horses feet, last autumn we took possession of a number of brumbies that had been removed from the Bogong High Plains by Parks Victoria as part of their brumby management program. We were impressed by the general good condition of the wild horses feet and decided to followup on an interest we had in “barefoot trimming” of horses feet, as an alternative to fitting steel shoes to the feet with nails.
The plan was to keep a working team of trail riding horses unshod, but correctly trimmed, through the winter months when the tracks are softer and the mountain work not required. We are delighted to report that the whole team came through the winter with their feet in great shape, many with improved foot health and no cases of ill effect.
We have now shod our team for the summer and the rocky mountain tracks, however come next winter the equine feet will get another recuperative spell from the steel shoe and nail.
Information about barefoot trimming http://ahca.org.au/


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