Back on Bogong

The Minister for Conservation, Sheryl Garbutt commissioned a flora impact report from the Botany Department of Ballarat University towards the end of last summer. The conclusions of that independent investigation were that impacts from trampling by both horses and walkers on the Mount Bogong Massif were limited to the tracks.
It should be noted that Bogong Horseback Adventures follows the code of conduct for Alpine horse riding and practices dispersed riding across open high plains, well away from the tracks.
The report also noted that the flora communities, including rare and threatened species across the mountain were in very good order and under no threat from trampling.
The report went on to note that Bogong Horseback Adventures, as the only horse tour operator on Mt Bogong, works within an agreed limit of 200 horse passes across the massif per year. The ranger estimates for walkers is 20,000 visits per year.


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