Aussies Ride the Sierras

WILDERNESS COLLECTIVE | WC-009 | EASTERN SIERRA NEVADA from Wilderness Collective on Vimeo.

Lin and Clay Baird, who run Bogong Horseback Adventures with their parents Kath and Steve Baird from the family property ’Spring Spur’ in the Kiewa Valley in North East Victoria. They have enjoyed guiding rides in the High Sierra Mountains seasonally for over 10 years, with many trips as expedition leaders.

The Sierra Mountains are located in central California, USA. The Mountain range is known for its stunning wilderness areas including Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon NP; Mt Whitney (4420m), historic trails including The John Muir Trail and Pacific Crest Trail, cultural links with Native American peoples and early outdoor enthusiasts such as John Muir and members of The Sierra Club.

Lin and Clay have brought a little piece of their experiences back with them for the Australian bush by adopting some of the US packing styles by using Bogong Horseback’s very own mule duo ‘George & Mildred’ joining our traditional Australian pack horses on their Australian Expeditions.

Traveling with horses and mules in the Sierras’ is a unique experience. Riding well bred American Quarter horse types suited for the High Sierra Mountains, accompanied by an experienced team of pack mules, each with their individual ‘mule-analities’ and big loud bray. BHA has partnered with a well respected pack outfit operating since the 1940’s with a long association with the Sierras and traditional packing into remote wilderness areas.

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