A Visitor from Mongolia Aug 2007

We recently enjoyed a surprise visit from an inspiring young man from Mongolia. You may recall previous stories about Tim Cope the adventurer, and his latest project to ride horses from Mongolia to Hungary, in the footsteps of Genghis Khan. You can read all about Tim’s adventures, from his training program with Bogong Horseback Adventures, to the unfolding tale of his journey across Eurasia at his website.
Early in his travels Tim met up with Gans Baatarsuren, a 29yo local tour guide who helped Tim span the knowledge gap between the continuing traditional semi-nomadic lifestyle of the Mongolians beyond the urban environment of Ulanbator, the country’s main city, and the challenges of the modern adventurer.
Gans is the owner operator of an adventure tour business offering horse riding, four wheel driving, hiking, fishing and kayaking in the environment of the rich natural and cultural heritage across the vast open country of the mountains, deserts and plains of Mongolia.
Having sorted out Tim’s early challenges, and on hearing of Gan’s recent travel to Australia, Tim suggested he visit us here at Bogong Horseback Adventures to “swap notes” on the joys and tribulations of tour operations. We thoroughly enjoyed Gans company and although we didn’t do too much work as such, we did have some big laughs and learnt about his homeland, nomadic lifestyle, horsemanship, and the critical role of horses in the economy and well being of the nomads.
You can read more about Tim’s adventures at www.timcopejourneys.com.


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