A Big Thank You Jul 2009

Last season we had a wonderful evolving crew of helpers and we have put a few photos up, but big thank-you to:
Eeske who stuck with us for the whole season always smiling and positive, her ability around horses outstanding, and the care of our guests on all the rides she was on was fantastic.
Johanna and Yvette who saved the day during winter when Clay was working on an Australian feature film called Van Diemans Land the movie. He had to leave B.H.A. temporarily. The girls were on the first leg of their trip, stayed for 6 weeks during last winter and ran the trail rides perfectly, the most capable, delightful young women. I loved their company, and we had lots of fun while Steve was working with Diamantina touring company.
Eeske, Johanna and Yvette are from Germany and their riding skills in dressage, fantastic, even Shannonvale (alfa mare extraordinaire) was preforming in the arena!
Johanna and Yvette forced themselves away to travel Oz but returned in December when they both booked on the first Natural/horsemanship ride in December!
We miss them!
A big thank you also to…
Luca, a strong hardworking, charming, young Italian.
Nina, also a strong German girl. Nina it was a pleasure working for you! (Nina’s a great organizer) Nina also suffered great homesickness but she soon became happy here and I bet she doesn’t forget her 20th birthday in a hurry! Her mother’s secret phone call from Germany, with the request of a cream pie in Nina’s face ( Apparently a family tradition) was a hard call, we don’t do cream cakes usually!
Eugene and her sister Hermine, beautiful French sisters and great riders, especially Hermine, it was a pleasure to watch her riding Eskdale. I wish they could have stayed longer!
Michael a very funny sweet man we laughed a lot around our kitchen table!
Sophie, from Switzerland who worked so hard in the heat of summer on the fencing and was always there with a helping hand.
Anna also from Germany, came on a 1/2 day ride early last summer and when she finished working as an au pair came back to B.H.A. late in the season to help out and ride.
Stephanie, from Montreal Canada who bravely arrived, having had no horse experience, is now riding on all the trail rides as a very important trail leader (2nd in charge) and even feeding the stallion with great confidence! She is still with us and intends to continue her travels in August.
Bro, Josh and Sean our strapping Aussie Horsemen and camp chefs who worked with Lin and Clay on the pack trips throughout the summer, all are fantastic young men and can they cook!
Cousin Loc, who has taken every opportunity possible to get up to Spring Spur to lend a hand. We wish him all the best in his year 12 studies and look forward to his help this coming season.
Lin, Clay, Steve and Kath welcome you all back anytime in the future!
The young people that have shared our lives here at Bogong Horseback over the years would be aware of the challenges it brings Steve and Kath, sharing their home constantly but they are grateful to have had them in their lives. Exciting changes to this arrangement are progressing with the development of the ‘Riders Lounge’ and accommodation project, complete with commercial kitchen facilities, will render Steve and Kath ‘empty nesters’ at last, albeit even if they all move next door!


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