5 Days in the Mountains

Tour-circa-1989For 13 years we have been running our highly regarded 5 day tours of the spectacular Bogong area of Victoria’s Alpine National Park.
This area includes most of the States highest peaks, including the biggest, Mt Bogong, and vast open High Plains. Deep river valleys fed by fast flowing rivers dissect this mountain landscape, clad in snow during the winter months, and mild, sunny weather in the summer.
This whole scene is inter-woven with the rich cultural history of the aboriginal moth hunters the pioneers, gold miners, cattlemen and legendary horses. Much of the park is inaccessible to 4WD, and our packhorses allow us to enjoy comfortable camps and sumptuous meals in many out of the way places
We travel about 120kms over the 5 days shifting camp each day, taking in the ever changing landscape, with plenty of varied riding. Groups of about 10-12 people, and are supported by 5 packhorses and our friendly professional staff.
We have thirteen, 5 day tours this coming summer, and welcome enquires.



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