20 Years in the High Country July 2005

This coming season, 2005-06, marks our 20th year of guiding horseriders into the Victorian High Country. Over that time we have faced many challenges, guided and worked with many, many wonderful people and continued on our journey of learning about horses. Bogong Horseback Adventures has been our ticket to a rewarding and busy life, an enriching environment for our family and career for many a grand horse. We have faced and survived everything the mountains can throw at us, drought and flooding rains. bushfires and summer blizzards. And all along the way we have learnt to respect and stand in awe at the power and majesty of nature. But mostly we have enjoyed the beauty and serenity of our beloved backyard, the cool clear mountain air and the distant views of folded ranges stretching to the horizon.
Those of our guests who experienced the early days with BHA will recall a youthful team of people working with a mixed mob of horses, some with a bit of age on them. These days the tables are somewhat turned with a fantastic team of keen and mostly young horses, bred and trained here at BHA, with the boss’ starting to slow down a bit. Still there is plenty of youthfulness around the place with a new generation of workers getting involved.
Which leads into the following stories about the younger Baird boys picking up the reins later this coming season, and horsemanship clinics for all riders. Next edition of the newsletter will feature our program for young travellers, including a new product of training opportunities, a great Oz experience for backpackers.


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