BHA 031

Boots to the fire

Just received an update from the horse camp, out in the wilds to the south of Pretty Valley. The expedition is travelling well, camped at Young’s Hut site on the southern edge of the Bogong High Plains. They left the delightful Swindlers Creek camp yesterday and followed the old Dungey’s Track alignment through the upper reaches of the Cobungra River valley then making the big climb up Paling Spur and on to the tops.

The country is emerging from the winter snows with wildflowers amassed across the plains and the brumby mobs full of spring health and vigour. To the rhythm of the harness jangle and the happy chatter of people the Bogong Horseback Adventures pack team arrived in camp 3, on a cool and clear evening.

Camp set up, swags tossed upon the springy snow grass, the happy group settled by the fire for another memorable meal carefully prepared on the coals. With time to reflect on another great day and enjoy a local wine, they stoked the campfire and shared stories under the southern skies.