Take a peak inside Spring Spur Stay


The newly completed accommodation building at Spring Spur Stay, home for Bogong Horseback Adventures BHAAccom0122PicCharlieBrownAnd2more_tonemapped2.172528
Double ensuite rooms – with a mattress worth riding three days for.

In search of the 8 hour day


Eight hours of adventure – horses, rivers, mountains and bush.
Eight hours in a high mountain camp, amongst the snowgums, wildflowers and ghostly legends of Bogong Jack’s Yards on Mount Fainter
Eight hours in your warm and comfortable swag, beneath the Milky-way and Southern Cross.

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Many people use the Labour Day holiday as part of a long weekend where they can relax, spend time with friends or family members, play or watch sport, have barbecues. Some people plan a getaway trip to a coastal region, the mountains or the countryside where they can engage in various activities such as picnics, wine-tasting at a winery, bush-walking, or camping.

Hollands-Knob.192249Bogong Horseback Adventures has offered a 3 day Labour Day weekend ride for 28 years, and 2014 is no exception. This year we have added the extra value of “bookend” accommodation before and after the ride. The accommodation is in our newly completed Spring Spur Stay double en suite rooms and is added value at no extra cost. The cost of $1250, has remained unchanged for 4 years and now includes two nights luxury, 2 nights in our renowned bush camps and 3 days of spectacular mountain riding.

This weekend package from Friday March 7th 2014 to Tuesday 11th March 2014 is your last opportunity to purchase a BHA 3 day expedition at current prices.

On the ride we match you to one of our own mountain bred and trained Australian Stock Horses, and climb to Bogong Jack’s hideout for our first camp, just below the tops of Mount Fainter. On the second day we ascend the mountain to 6000’ , take in some truly awesome views as we ride across the top of Victoria. Returning to Jack’s for yet another great meal prepared on the coals, you can take in the starry night sky from you comfortable swag, before returning to the valley next day.