Mount Bogong

Cold wet day yesterday camped at Cleve Cole hut. Back on my horse and the sun is out, still cold and windy. Beautiful weather of the high country! Currently holding my hat on as we cross Mount Bogong. Lin


True to our origins

Bambi-posterWhen we printed our first colour brochure in the early 90’s, our designer Bambi came up with this concept of our horses traversing the map of the High Plains. The montage suggested a sense of adventure, and our expeditions today continue that tradition of adventure and respecting the heritage and culture of the High Country horse.

High Country Harvest packages

Pork-ChopThe local food and regional wines of North East Victoria will be celebrated this year by the High Country Harvest festival. Spring Spur is offering lunch and trail ride packages, featuring our renowned horses and seasonal tucker from the farmhouse kitchen. Get a group of friends together for a great day out.

Packing school

Load-packsSpring Spur Stables is offering a range of horsemanship and bushmanship clinics over the year including our masterclass in packing. This clinic conducted over 5 days covers the practical skills of using packhorses, bush camping with horses and all about the gear and equipment that you will need to conduct a successful remote area expedition.

On top downunder

Eskdale-groupGet on your high horse here at Bogong Horseback adventures. Our tours over the Mount Bogong massif include the highest licensed riding terrain in Australia. Featuring the open herb fields of the Australian alps, spectacular views, this un-roaded country is ideally suited to packhorse expeditions.

Red Robin

Red-round-yardNamed after a local goldmine tucked away in the nearby mountains, Red is adding his strong Australian Stock Horse bloodlines to the Spring Spur mountain horses, bred and trained here on the stud and in our backyard – the High Country.

Garden Greens Asian style

Wok-on-fireGather an arm full of tree fall sticks, light a quick fire and stir up the fresh picked garden greens, asian sauces and serve to the sound of birdsong.

Garlic from the garden

GarlicGarlic harvested from the rich garden soil at Spring Spur. Sure to add the little extra to the goodies from the farm kitchen