The Late Great Adam Stewart Dec 2009

A tribute by Kath Baird
I first met Adam when he walked out to my place to ask if he could help with the horses. He was just a kid, around 14 years old. He knew everything about horses, of course! He was pretty wild, had a HOT seat and stirred up every horse he ever rode! Just the other week we were laughing about old times and I scorned him, as to just how many of my horses he and all the ‘saved teenagers’ at our place, had galloped into the ground. Some of my prized horses were never the same, those kids drove me CRAZY!
My mum Eleanor, was running a trail riding business on our family property in West Gippsland, Tonimbuk. She always need a hand after losing my dad, so I suggested Adam could work for her. It was the beginning of a long loyal friendship between them. They looked after one another for many years. I will always be grateful to Adam for his care of my beautiful Mum.
Adam went from jeans to jodhpurs, from riding horses like the wind, to educating them the discipline of dressage with his kind soft hands, and his HOT seat! Adam was fearless, a great story teller, funny, kind, complicated, loyal, and delightfully eccentric.
We will miss you Adam, when we ride the High Country with horse tail clouds above us, we know your riding with us.
We will remember you.

Barter for the Willing Dec 2009

BHA have been planning to build a riders lounge and accommodation buildings here on the property. Steve, Kath Lin and Clay have finalised plans and have been patiently awaiting council approval. We have had many positive comments about the proposed plans and are eager to get building.
So we are calling upon skilled tradespeople interested in bartering a trip on the High Plains for work on our project. Please get in touch to discuss the possibilities.

No Place Like Home Dec 2009

By Clay Baird
Over the last 10 years I have been riding horses in California, partying in Spain, dancing in South America, stranded by a hurricane in Mexico, climbing ancient temples in Peru and most recently riding a bicycle across Cuba. People tell me how fortunate I am to lead such an adventurous life abroad, during my travels people are amazed by what I do at home in Australia! “What an amazing life you have, to ride horses in the Australian mountains!”. People I have met in my travels are always curious about my life back home, my back yard! The beauty of the Alpine National Park, the stories of the brumbies cantering across the High Plains, the extraordinary kangaroo, and the fact that we eat them! People I speak to around the world relish the descriptions I give of Bogong Horseback and the adventures we offer.
On my return journey from Cuba this year, the air in Melbourne had a sweetness about it. As I progressed closer to the Kiewa Valley the smell grew stronger, it was the smell of good rain and green grass, with the sun setting on the Bogong High Plains, it brought a tear to my eye. I thought of all the people I have met on my journeys who may never see this incredible place. My sadness was overcome by knowing that I will spend the rest of this summer and many summers to come in these very mountains, with wonderful people sharing all that the Bogong High Plains has to offer.
So to all the Bogong dreamers out there, I look forward to taking you on an adventure through my favorite place on earth.

2009 Victorian Tourism Award Winner Dec 2009

Last month Bogong Horseback Adventures won the 2009 Victorian Tourism Awards in the Adventure Tour Operator category, sponsored by Parks Victoria. We were joined by some good friends at the gala dinner, the cheer when we won was a testament to a fantastic evening.

Horseman Wayne Banney is due in the next couple of days ready to join the first pack trip this Monday 14th December. The horses are looking great after a rainy spring, everything is green and growing. Our farrier Bob is booked to get the mob shod and we have an eclectic crowd of staff ready to tie a swag on their nag and get up the bush. Interested in joining one our tours this year?

January is still available! Perfect time of year to ride over the High Plains, sipping a cuppa billy tea at lunch amongst the wild flowers and snow grass, get into camp with plenty of light and warmth in the day to jump in the creek for a swim! So pack your bags, throw in your togs and riding boots, and come join us in the beautiful High Country.