I‘ve been busy developing an ‘Australian bush skills’ program, designed to teach traditional Australian horse skills, suited to those seeking work with horses throughout Australia. My brother Lin has recently returned from a summer packing mules in the Sierra Nevada mountains. Lin has purchased a registered Australian Stock Horse colt ‘Ashlarstud Simply Red’. He is planning on expanding BHA’s successful breeding program by introducing a new bloodline into our foundation mares, all by ‘Inka Gold”, himself from ‘Radium, Bobby Bruce’ and ‘Abie’ lines. Wayne Banney returns this year. His knowledge andskills are second to none, and he will feature on our natural horsemanship clinics and five-day adventures. You might witness the local brumby population flaunting their new foals, a perfect chance to experience natural horse behavior, and learn from the wild brumbies of the Bogong High Plains. Lin and I are looking forward to developing new infrastructure and moving the business into new areas, including an eco accommodation building. A good winter has left the mountainsblossomingunder the last drifts of snow. The forests have recovered from the fires, so riding through a lush canopy of ferns and mountain ash forests, cantering over the wild grass plains, experiencing the most amazing views, will be all too good to miss this summer. Home from another winter season in the desert, Steve is dividing his time between the art studio and the office – where he is designing the long awaited riders lounge and accommodation buildings. Kath is at the center of it all, planning the horse breeding program, designing buildings and planting the new summer crops of organic vegies for the kitchen table and thepack trips. Lin and myself are enthusiastic about this summer season, the weather is warming up and the mountains are calling us with their promise of summer days riding through pretty valleys and swimming in mountain rivers. Glimpsing brumbies. Sharing great food by the camp fire accompanied by a glass of wine. Picture yourself in a comfortable swag ‘mountain dreaming’ under the endless southern stars. Hope you can join us soon, Lin, Clay, Kath and Steve Spring Spur Stables Ph. (03) 57544 849