Horse for Sale Dec 2006

We have a very special young horse for sale at the moment. A pretty 4yo Palamino mare, she is registered Qarab, QH and Palamino.
Friendly, intelligent and with a touch of spunk, this well trained young horse has potential in many disciplines. Easy to shoe, float load and handle, she has done lots of yard and halter work and will go on to reward a demanding owner.
Please call and discuss Sheza Pretty Legend if you are interested. 03 5754 4849.

Cathi “Longfella” Dec 2006

Way back in the late eighties we had the pleasure of taking on Cathi “Longfella” as a camp hand and horse tailer, and Cathi along with her boyfriend of the time Rob the buffalo catcher, proved to be most handy and appreciated around home and camp. Working in the Nortern Territory during the dry, and down south with us during the wet, long, tall, blonde Cathi became a good friend, and we have followed her adventures in life since she moved on from Bogong Horseback Adventures.
Now married into a Native American Family and living in Wyoming USA, Cathi Soldier Wolf has maintained a love for horses and wide open spaces.

We have fond memories of Cathi, and could not have imagined back then of the life journey she would take. Kath visited her in Wyoming in 1998 and was priveledged to join her Northern Arapaho community at a Pow Wow, an exciting and special weekend of festival, dance and spectacular horsemanship.

What did Happen with the Recent Bushfires Dec 2006

With a long dry spring and early summer, the threat of bushfire rising from the drought dried forest was a real threat that eventuated with a series of lightening strikes in early December that ignited fires across the “western” half of the Alpine National Park. That is country to the west of the Great Alpine Road. Eventually encompassing areas from Mount Buffalo to Mount Buller, The King Valley to Dargo, the fire ground now covers over 800,000 hectares.
Then the spectre of bushfire returned to the Bogongs with the “outbreak” of the Tawonga Gap fire on about the 10th December 2006. The fire, believed to be have been deliberately lit, spread rapidly from it’s source on the Tawonga Gap Road to engulf much of the forested hill country to the West and South of the townships of Tawonga, Tawonga South and Mount Beauty.

Fires blaze above the town lights, veiwed from our home verandah
Tawonga South and Simmonds Creek were particularly threatened and the fire was held off from private property by a concerted and determined effort by CFA volunteers, DSE staff fire fighters, heavy machinery and aircraft support.
As the threat to the upper Kiewa valley receded the fires spread south over Big Hill, Mount Fainter, Pretty Valley and into the head of the Bundarra River.
Click on the map below to open a map of the fire ground, and Alpine National Park Closures.

December 2006

Ride on, the Bogongs are open and unburnt.
Our area of the Alpine National Park has been re-opened for our summer tour program.
The bushfires are now described as contained and have not burnt any of the country featured in our Mount Bogong Tours. The Western (Mansfield) end of the Alpine National Park remains closed. I have just been advised (Friday 29th Dec) that the unburnt country north and east of Falls Creek, including the Nelse Range and Mount Bogong have been opened for our operations.
Those clients booked on the 6th January ride should plan on the ride going ahead. Please be assured that as this section of the Park is opened it will be safe to visit, and being unburnt, as beautiful as ever. We carry satellite phones as well as Web abled next G phones so we can be well informed of any future developments.

Looking from Mount Bogong, across the Staircase Spur at the Kiewa Valley far below.
Meanwhile our daily trail ride program is fully operational, and visitors are encouraged to return to our Valley to enjoy their summer holiday. The fire scars are barely visible and the smoke has cleared.
For those customers booked on one of our “cancelled” December rides, please contact us about alternative dates that may suit your travel plans.
If any one is considering booking one of our scheduled tours, you can assume that they will be going ahead. Some of the Mount Fainter program may move to Mount Bogong, but it’s all great country. If you have any specific queries please contact Steve or Kath. Contact details.