The infamous Kelly Gang camped at the mountain hideout of earlier bushranger Bogong Jack on the Fainter Range, March 2002. Peter Carey alludes to the “real” Ned Kelly camping in this lonely site in his early years, in his novel “true History of the Kelly Gang”.
The actors playing the part of the gang in the recent Australian Gregor Jordan
Movie “Ned Kelly” spent two days riding the high country with Bogong Horseback Adventures. It was an exercise in bonding for the gang as well as an exercise in improving their riding skills.
Kath soon showed them how to drop their riding school pretentions and ride like a true bushman. “Hold those reins like a five pound note and ride for your lives”. Took off they did, we caught them about 5 kms up the track with grins from ear to ear.
Orlando Bloom, Joel Edgerton, Philip Barantini, and Laurence Kinlan, played character for the weekend, speaking in Irish accents and exploiting the gang’s recklessness to make sure they had a fun time. The only disappointment was that Heath Ledger couldn’t make the ride as he was caught up in a production debate about keeping his full Ned beard. The American producers were keen to show off the Ledger’s face as a return on investment. What would Ned think of such antics? Thankfully Heath won out and the full beard featured in the movie.
The gang learnt a little about the history of their namesakes, sharing stories and a little whiskey around the campfire at Bogong Jack’s hideout.
Kath and Steve, Lin and Clay and Tara Maddison were later treated to a big night out at the World premier for the movie in Melbourne. A great opportunity to put the stress and worry of the bushfires behind them.