Long time friend of Kath and Steve, Shaun McGovern kept in touch with us during the recent bushfires. Shaun originally met up with the Baird’s in his role as a manager with Billy Joel tour in 1992. Back then Shaun along with crew members and Christie Brinlkey came riding with us on a fantastic day on the High Plains, with lunch out at the old Fitzgerald’s hut.
After the recent bushfires, Shaun, a neighbour and friend of Bruce Springsteen offered us tickets to the 2003 Melbourne Springsteen concert.
We had the added pleasure of making a presentation to Bruce on behalf of Shaun, a beautiful Australian hand made Cliff Killeen stock saddle.
Cliff and family hand delivered the saddle from their shop in Chinchilla, Queensland and took up the opportunity to also meet Bruce and enjoy his concert.
The hand crafted saddle was a testament to Cliff’s skills, a thing of beauty and a greatly appreciated surprise for Bruce and Patti Springsteen.