Back on Bogong

The Minister for Conservation, Sheryl Garbutt commissioned a flora impact report from the Botany Department of Ballarat University towards the end of last summer. The conclusions of that independent investigation were that impacts from trampling by both horses and walkers on the Mount Bogong Massif were limited to the tracks.
It should be noted that Bogong Horseback Adventures follows the code of conduct for Alpine horse riding and practices dispersed riding across open high plains, well away from the tracks.
The report also noted that the flora communities, including rare and threatened species across the mountain were in very good order and under no threat from trampling.
The report went on to note that Bogong Horseback Adventures, as the only horse tour operator on Mt Bogong, works within an agreed limit of 200 horse passes across the massif per year. The ranger estimates for walkers is 20,000 visits per year.

On Top of the World

It seems the storm clouds have lifted from Mt Bogong for the first time in many years. Bogong Horseback Adventures have secured two years of guaranteed access to the Mt Bogong Massif, after successful discussions with Conservation Minister Sheryl Garbutt.
As a result of this decision we are planning an exciting and inspired program of adventures into the best horse riding country in the High Country.
The year 2002 has been declared the international year of the mountains, and in Australia, 2002 has been declared the year of the Outback, and we have it all.
A recent story in Outback Magazine (Sep/Oct 2001) featured our packhorses and described the importance of continuing the long association between horses and the High Country. That is our goal and passion.
We will be featuring spectacular mountain top riding, visits to remote and legendary heritage sites, travelling with our team of packhorses on tracks and to places beyond the modern world. We want to share our love and knowledge of this inspiring country and our passion for the horse lore of the mountains.
Our camps, as always, will be in secluded and beautiful settings. Our meals will continue our tradition of delicious, wholesome and surprising spreads. The valleys of North East Victoria are producing some fine wines, and they will also feature on our menus.
Your favourite mounts, and some promising new horses will make up the team for this summer, they have enjoyed a mild winter and are keen to work.